The Gross Prophet Programmes

Some things in life are costs and some are investments and how we view them will have a lot to do with what we get back from our expenditure – our return on our investment. How we look at ROI can change our approach to what we do and when we do it, with significant results.

The Gross Prophet Programmes

Marketing costs are really investments and like any investment it has risk attached to it and requires some knowledge about what to invest in, how much and when to invest.

A significant output from our programmes is your return on investment marketing plan. A plan that not only guides your marketing activity step by step for a whole year, but also assesses the cost of that activity and what you will get back in both additional sales and additional profit.

Some activity has a greater return than others and the best of all is the one that costs very little but brings in lots of additional profit.

So we move seamlessly from saying that we can’t afford to do something – re-build our website for example – to asking what the ROI is expected to be. When we know that we can make an investment decision.

The cost of any of my programmes must be viewed in this way but the difference is this – if, after taking up one of my programmes and following through all of the agreed action plan you do not get a return on your investment equal to the cost of the programme YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK. That’s my guarantee to you.

The Gross Prophet

A series of increasingly popular, profit improvement programmes delivered one to one, in company or remotely.

The Gross Prophet programme generally runs over an eight week period during which we work through all the elements of a business plan and a marketing plan leading to your bespoke ROI annual marketing plan. It includes two half day marketing planning workshops which can be attended by your colleagues if you wish.

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The Gross Prophet +

If you would like to spread your payments and have additional monthly review sessions for the rest of the year, this programme will help to keep you motivated and on track.

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