Hatfield Clark

Sally Clark and Rachel Hatfield

From the moment we first met Jim, we realised that he had a genuine interest in our business. He asked lots of questions to understand how we had got to where we were and where we wanted to be. He then helped us to identify all of the issues that would support and hinder our growth and developed a plan for growth with us. He developed a financial model of our business which helped to visualise and plan our growth which is now supported by a practical marketing plan.

Jim has…….

  • Given us Clarity of purpose – we have a much clearer vision of our business future
  • Shown us the direction that we should be taking to get to that future and the key milestones along the way
  • Made us focus on the things that we have identified as significant to the growth of our business – he is big on 80/20 thinking
  • Made us feel much more confident to move forward. He has been very motivational and helped us to identify the strengths we already have.
  • Adapted a number of planning frameworks for us to use in our business that have brought us structure and the ability to manage so much better
  • Made us much more disciplined as well as structured. We manage our time and activity much more effectively now
  • Given us a series of tools to help us develop and implement key business processes that have already accelerated our growth
  • Given us control of our growing  business and our lives again


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