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Direct Plastics has been supplying engineers with engineering plastics for over 22 years and has been doing the ‘supplying’ bit very well but we just didn’t have any sales structure in place.

We were recommended to contact Jim Scott and quite quickly we knew he would provide our missing link. After 22 years we thought there was nothing new to learn, but Jim revealed some fascinating and critical parts to our business that surprised even us.

Jim has re-engineered our sales side, not just to increase sales (which it has) but more importantly for us, to give our customers a much better service (it most definitely has) Jim has not just helped to increase sales but also to help us ‘not loose sales’ which has turned out to be huge.

We can’t thank Jim enough and we’ll be working with him for a good while yet, I also think that anyone who brings him on board will be surprised at the spinoffs in other areas that coincidentally seem to happen.


Jim has…

  • Helped us to develop our sales systems and processes
  • He has also shown us how to retain and grow our existing customers
  • He has helped us improve the service we give to our customers

He takes a holistic view and has revealed some secret insights into our business that we didn’t know about!

Paul Woodhead
Managing Director of Direct Plastics Ltd 

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