What has Jim Scott ever done for us?

This section of the website looks at the results generated from working with Jim Scott.

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Creative Stream

Ant Clifford, owner and creative director

Jim has...

  • Helped us to systematise our processes maximising our profitability
  • Shown us how to manage and further develop our existing customers
  • Helped us create a marketing and sales process that will bring greater results
  • Worked with us to help us determine and focus on our most important roles
  • Got into the "nitty-gritty" of our business's numbers so that we know where we are and where we are going
  • Been prepared to support and advise us through challenges we have faced
  • Proved he genuinely cares about our business and about us as individuals

Hatfield Clark

Sally Clark and Rachel Hatfield, Directors of Hatfield Clark

Jim has…….

  • Given us Clarity of purpose – we have a much clearer vision of our business future
  • Shown us the direction that we should be taking to get to that future and the key milestones along the way
  • Made us focus on the things that we have identified as significant to the growth of our business – he is big on 80/20 thinking
  • Made us feel much more confident to move forward. He has been very motivational and helped us to identify the strengths we already have.
  • Given us control of our growing business and our lives again


Direct Plastics Ltd

Paul Woodhead, Managing Director of Direct Plastics Ltd

Jim has…

  • Helped us to develop our sales systems and processes
  • He has also shown us how to retain and grow our existing customers
  • He has helped us improve the service we give to our customers

He takes a holistic view and has revealed some secret insights into our business that we didn’t know about!