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Never give up on follow-up

We know from experience and many studies just how important it is to follow up on sales visits and quotations. One US study even suggests that we optimise success with up to 12 follow up contacts. One of my clients told me this week that they had received a letter from a prospective customer telling him that his company had not been successful in their bid to supply them.

They have a system for these situations which involves a further call to identify the reasons for their lack of success.

Whilst going through the checklist with the prospective customer, the buyer who was giving the feedback stopped and said “Actually your bid was quite good – very good in fact. I can’t understand why you didn’t get the order. I haven’t awarded the contract yet – the job’s yours!”

So even when you have it in writing, even when it looks final – it isn’t. This is a reminder to never give up on follow up and serves as a lesson to start a follow up system today and make sure you ask for feedback whatever the outcome.

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