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Money for Value - or not

One of my clients is an IT company with a superb reputation for customer service and quality of their work.

They were somewhat surprised a few months ago when a major customer of theirs in Derby decided to terminate their service contract.

They did all that they could to find out why and to rectify any problems but to no avail.

I have been to see my client today and am delighted to report that they have got their client back but there are a few lessons we can either learn or re-learn from their experience.

The reason that they got the job back was that the company in Derby did not realise what a great level of service that they were getting from my client until they made the change to another IT service provider.


It is all very well being quietly great at what you do but if nobody knows it – if your customer doesn’t know it and you lose the contract – you have less income to your business than you did before.

My IT client operated a great system of remotely identifying potential  problems in their customer’s computer system before they occurred and fixing them – but nobody knew.

Also, if they were ever called to fix a problem on site they looked for other problems and fixed those too and if they saw something that might be a problem later they fixed that too – but didn’t tell anybody.

The company in Derby soon realised that they were missing something and the contract is now re-instated at a much higher value and regular meetings and bulletins are used to make sure that they know what great value they are getting.

We all know a builder or a plumber or a car mechanic who will spend all day telling you what they have done before they present their bill which is why we think they are great value – that they have done a great job – that we will use them again – that we will introduce them to our friends and so on what do you do to make money from the value you deliver?

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