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Goals get results. Get your bigger better business right here!

...however defining goals is much harder than it looks but I know that YOU can be a lot more successful when YOU have clearly defined goals.

So what is a goal? (My wife and her sister are season ticket holders at Sheffield United and whilst she meets the supporters criteria of eternal optimism, she frequently returns home from a match and reports a deficit in the goal department for SUFC!)

I imagine that most football teams follow a series of similar ambitions...

  • Short term goal – get the ball in the net (opposing team’s net that is)
  • Slightly longer term – win the match with more goals
  • Bit longer still  – win the league or whatever they do
  • “Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines” according to Brian Tracy a highly successful business coach.
  • That helps me to define goals. Dream a bit about what you want and what you want to be.
  • Here are some things to dream about…..
  • What do I value most?
  • What kind of life do I want?
  • What do I want my life to look like?
  • What do I want my life to feel  like?
  • Who do I wish to be?

Write it down and then apply the SMART criteria. I am sure you know what that is but just in case...

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time based

So a SMART, written down dream really does become a goal.

I always ask people when I start work with them to define their goals and most people either don’t have any or just have what they think is a goal but it just a wish. For example some of the answers I get are:-

To make a shed load of money”

And those who have thought it through a bit more might say

To make a shed load of money as soon as possible”

So a SMART version of that goal might be “During 2016, I plan to steadily increase my earnings each month and by the end of the year will have earned £120,000″

It is specific, measurable and time based, but is it realistic? Again I think most people limit their expectations artificially, lower their sights, lower their goals and accept the easy way out – to do much the same as before.

If any person can achieve that goal, theoretically so can you. But maybe you are better working up to the income figure you want to achieve in a series of steps – that way you will accept your own goals and believe in them more.

A few years ago I wrote down my income goal simply “I will make £120,000 this year”  Between March and June that year I bought a house and sold it again at a profit which made up a lot of this income but when I wrote the goal I assumed it would come from my core business. I was happy to hit the planned number but what I really thought I wanted was a business that generated that amount each and every year!

So be specific. For example if your goals extend to owning a particular car, write your goal as though you were telling the salesman at the garage what you are looking for or writing your checklist for your own directory searches or filling in the form on Autotrader. Write your goals in the present tense – although you have already achieved them.

I will be writing more about goal setting very soon and have over the years used the techniques that I will tell you about very successfully to acquire a six bedroomed house in the country and a Rolls Royce!

For now just focus on those goals for you and your business and write them down.  Send them to me if you wish and I’ll help you work out how to achieve them.

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