It's About You

You will be a key player in a family business – maybe you run the business or you are in line to run it. Maybe you are the business.

You have done all right . You have survived but can’t help feeling that there is a better way to do things. A way that is more organised. Has more systems and processes – perhaps even an operations manual so that others can take on more tasks and more responsibility. You would like to do less. You would like more time to work ON the business rather than work IN it and perhaps more time for yourself too

Apart from the odd occasion when you needed it, you have not got a business plan and you will  have never had a marketing plan. You will have done a bit of marketing but nothing that could be described as strategic or an integral part of your business processes.

You have always done things in much the same way and so far it has worked but you are becoming increasingly aware that things are changing around you and that you need to react a bit more to those changes.

You may be thinking about the future and who will take over from you. Could anyone take over from you? Could you sell the business? Who would buy it?

You may be thinking about expansion but worry that there may not be enough work in the future to sustain the changes you are contemplating.

You may have thought about asking for help. You may have asked for help before. You may have had at best an indifferent experience of external help

Asking for help is difficult. You may be made to feel inadequate. You may get someone who doesn’t make much difference but charges a lot of money.

Asking for help is the very first step on a journey of change and as soon as you ask, change starts to happen.

Ask for some help. We’ll have a chat. There is no cost and no obligation but there is every chance that this will bring the changes that you have wondered about; that it will bring an easier life – easier because your business depends less on your day to day intervention and easier because there is less pressure on cash and cash flow and more profit too.

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