About Us

I am part of a team. Your team. I help you to run your businesses in a more organised and purposeful way. I am a business consultant, a sales and marketing trainer, a business process improver, a personal mentor to help change the way you look at your business and your life and a business coach who guides, educates and motivates you to do things right and to do the right things.

  • I help you to define your vision and your goals and then reach them
  • I help you to use your time more effectively  – to work on your business and not just in it
  • I develop a model of your business that you can use for all future financial and business development planning.
  • I help you to understand the profit that you make on everything you do so you can choose to do more profitable things.
  • I analyse your customer base and help you decide what you want more of – and less of.  I will  help you to decide who to sell to and what to sell to them… and what order to do it in, along with helping  you to sell more to your existing  customers
  • I help you to truly understand and define what it is you are selling and what the people you sell to get when they do business with you.  The subsequent selling proposition helps you to sell much more.
  • I help you to gain meaningful and useful referrals from your customers
  • I help you to set up a proven, return on investment annual and 90 day marketing plan using a system that I have personally developed and am still developing over the last 30 years.
  • I help you to set up clear and detailed project plans for everything you do so that you end up with a marketing manual and a training guide for your business. This helps you to work on it and not in it and means that you do not have to repeat work.
  • I help you in practical ways too – writing letters and e mails that sell; sourcing data, setting up a contact management system, using my many specialist contacts for legal matters, accountancy, graphic design, web design, e mailing, social media, printing, PR, photography and SEO - for example.

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