20 Things About Me

Jim Scott

  1. I am happily married to Claire and we have four children between us – all grown up and in their own homes. The tribe is growing and we now have five Grandchildren too
  2. I started this business in 1990. I have helped over 2700 business owners over the last 27 years to enjoy running their businesses more – and to increase their profits!
  3. I spent some of my childhood living in Singapore and Aden – my Dad was in the Army.
  4. I went to secondary school in Truro, Cornwall with Roger Taylor of Queen and played drums in the ”other” band! It was called The Phoenix. I also played drums in a band called The Banned in the Peak District
  5. I have a BA (Hons) in Business Studies following a four year commercial apprenticeship course.
  6. My first proper job was production manager for a central heating boiler manufacturer in London.
  7. Before setting up my own business, I had senior general management, sales management and marketing management jobs with large companies. I ran a large national sales force for a telecoms company in London and set up a marketing department for an even bigger one in Sheffield – BT.
  8. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
  9. In a parallel career I spent 12 years in the Royal Naval Reserves – starting as an ordinary seaman and latterly as Navigating Officer on Minehunters.
  10. I still have the Morris Minor convertible I had as a student. As well as regular local use we take it for long runs too like, France and Cornwall. We have completed the John O’Groats to Land’s End 24 hour endurance run twice! It took us to the South of France, over the Pyrenees and to Spain this summer (2015). I never intended to keep it.
  11. I started a share club in the Peak District in 1999. It is still going. It is called Shocks and Stares and often outperforms the professionals with sophisticated investment strategies like throwing a dart at the FT.
  12. I started The Peak Advertiser in 1981, working in my “spare” time whilst still in full time employment. After six years I sold it to my business partner. The paper thrives today and is distributed to 36,000 households every fortnight.
  13. We have recently moved back to Calver after a fantastic 6 years living in Sheffield. Our dream cottage came on the market and we were lucky to get it.
  14. I have helped one of my clients to grow his business from a turnover of £8k pa when I met him to well in excess of £1m  - all in just over a year. Apparently it is due to just one thing I said to him.
  15. I helped a Nottinghamshire Architect to triple his income to over £100,000 last year.
  16. In 1992 I started and ran a B2B telemarketing business for nearly ten years and then sold it. I made sure that all of the staff retained their jobs.
  17. Claire and I are on the staff of a black cat with white paws who share our house - Betty. She came from a rescue home in Rotherham.
  18. One of my favourite quotes is “I couldn’t wait for success so I went ahead without it”.  It is attributed to Jonathan Winters, an American comedian born in 1925.
  19. I totally believe that attitude has everything to do with success and that asking for help, whilst often the hardest thing for a business owner to do, is also the one single thing that will bring the greatest rewards
  20. I have a comprehensive understanding of small business. I have been to the brink of failure and back to success  and understand the hard work and worry that often accompanies the early years. BUT and this is the big BUT – I have learned to deal with it and have developed systems, processes and coping mechanisms that practically help business owners to achieve far more than they ever thought possible. If I knew then what I know now……
  21. (Added Value!) I work as a business growth specialist adviser for Sheffield City Region Growth Hub for four days a month. It keeps me in touch with activities in the region and those all important sources of support for businesses.