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I have already helped literally thousands of owner managers to take control of their businesses, get their work life balance back and get their businesses working for them instead of the other way round.

Everyone has a different set of business and personal circumstances and the coaching and business development work that we will do together will be all about helping you to get the income and lifestyle that you want from your business.

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Jim Scott

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The Quick Prophet

The Quick Prophet is for people who need to do something now to bring more sales and profit into their business within a very short timescale.

Based on sound business principles, our tried and tested three stage  system will help you to sell more to existing customers (much easier than finding new ones) then help you to gain valuable referrals (no customer acquisition costs). In the third and final stage we will introduce you to a customer management system that will help you to retain and grow the business you have over a longer period of time. For a longer term business development plan the Gross Prophet programme will give you the ideal support combination of skills and knowledge transfer and motivational coaching.

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The Gross Prophet Programme

The Gross Prophet is a proven business development, marketing and sales programme that will give you a long term marketing and sales strategy, a financial forecasting process and a load of unique, proven systems and tools that will help you to become independent from the day to day running of your business. When you are working ON your business and not IN it, you will be amazed at how much more fun you will have and how much more profitable you can make it.

Your Gross Prophet programme is about giving you the best return on investment that you have ever had . A return that will substantially exceed your investment year after year after year until the time you decide to sell your business and do something else. I am so confident about the results that I will help you to get, that I will give you an independently underwritten guarantee that you will make a gross profit at least equal to the amount you pay each year or I’ll make up the difference.

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What has Jim Scott ever done for us?

Creative Stream

Ant Clifford, owner and creative director

Jim has...

  • Helped us to systematise our processes maximising our profitability
  • Shown us how to manage and further develop our existing customers
  • Helped us create a marketing and sales process that will bring greater results
  • Worked with us to help us determine and focus on our most important roles
  • Got into the "nitty-gritty" of our business's numbers so that we know where we are and where we are going
  • Been prepared to support and advise us through challenges we have faced
  • Proved he genuinely cares about our business and about us as individuals

Grants funding support

Wherever possible we will try to find ways of finding some financial support to help us to help you – which means that you get an even greater return on your investment.

Currently there is quite a lot of help about but we know from past experience just how quickly things can change. so if you would like to know more and apply for some funding for your business please give me a call soon.

Specifically The Gross Prophet training programme and Franchising Your Business are available on The Skills Bank programme with 70% contribution for most applicants.

In addition we can help you to access a 50% grant towards a consultancy programme, find you support for innovation, export and web site development.

Don't delay - some of this funding is from Europe!

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What can a Cemetery teach us about the importance of Market Research?

Latest blog post: 8th March 2016 | Posted by Jim Scott | Comments: 5

Market Research

One Sunday which was one of those rare days when the hazy yellow ball was out and about – we went to the Sheffield General Cemetery to tag  on to the monthly guided tour.

What a place! Established in 1836, it contains the graves of 87,000 people including great industrialists, shopkeepers and confectioners. People like Mark Firth, The Cole Brothers, John, Thomas and Skelton and George Bassett and Allsorts of others! (sic)

Neglected, but not derelict, buildings, grave stones resting at peculiar angles, elaborate monuments all on a carpet of nature’s tangled undergrowth of trees, plants,  weeds and brambles kept at bay by a gallant team of volunteers .

The perfect setting for a hazy night, a partly clouded sky and a full moon – but stick to the path!

Our guide had the brain the size of a planet, the knowledge of an encyclopaedia, he made the tour – well... live.   

So what has all this got to do with you and Market Research?  Well, the story of the Sheffield...

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